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We use only high-quality products that suit the needs of your pet and our professional groomer is experienced with all types of clips.  Jamie's Grooming services the following areas for your in-home grooming convenience:  Pinellas County in the following cities:  Pinellas Park, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Dunedin, and Palm Harbor.


Our Full Grooming Includes The Following.....

Paw pads trimmed, nails clipped and dremeled, sanitary trim, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and hair removed, coat trim and/or neatened, shampoo, blow dry, and brush out.

Standard Grooming Rates

*Anxiety, special temperament, puppies, elderly pets, aggression, etc. increases the standard rate.*

*Distance fee may apply*

*Dematting is $20 extra per pet*

Short Haired          Long Haired

         0-15 lbs                    $35                         $45                                          

         16-25 lbs                    $45                         $55                                            

 26-40 lbs                    $55                         $65                                     


Bathing Only

Pamper your pet(s) with an all natural plant-based shampoo bath, blow dry, and brush out.

Short Haired          Long Haired

0-15 lbs                   $20                                $30                                    

     16-25 lbs                   $30                                $40                                           

                 26-40 lbs                   $40                                $50                                                        




*WE ACCEPT:  All major credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and/or cash.


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Jamie's Pet Grooming


Mon thru Fri   8a - 3p

(Last Appointment @ 1p)




11409 8th St N   #1506

St Petersburg, FL  33716